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Cookie Policy

Our site uses cookies, both own and from other sites, to send you offers in line with your preferences. If you want to know more or deny consent to cookies click here. By continuing, you consent to the use of cookies. This document contains the information referred to in paragraph 4.2 of the Ruling no. 229 of 8 May 2014. The purpose is to focus on the experience of cookies, the methods for managing the processing of personal data acquired from the Website (hereinafter “Site”). This policy was designed to provide information on this website, and the alternatives available to manage them according to your preferences. In addition to the Cookie Policy, Bros srl presents to the User of its Website the Privacy Information, in which the rules on the use of personal data and their responsibility for protection and conservation appear in detail. The document does not include the treatments carried out on other Websites that may be consulted by the User through links on the Site. This document intentionally takes over the contents of the Privacy Policy applied by the Authority for the protection of personal data with reference to the processing of personal data , published on the official website Bros srl, respecting the Privacy of all the rights of its website, adapts to the privacy protection policies in the General Regulation on the protection of personal data beyond the precautions to the procedures that the Guarantor has specified in the Privacy document Information published on the official website of the Authority. Bros s.r.l. complies with the provision n. 229 of 8 May 2014 “Identification of the conditions for the information and the investment of consent for the use of cookies”. The Site uses the ability to read and immediately read cookies, depending on the purposes in the “Use of cookies on the Bros website” paragraph. Bros does not carry out promotional or advertising communication activities without the prior express consent of the User.

The use of these files called "cookies" determines de facto recognition of the browser. As specified in the "Cookie Management" section, the User is free to configure his or her browser to accept all cookies, reject them or receive a warning when a cookie is sent to the browser. Not allowing the use of cookies all services are still guaranteed, with the difference that the customer to be recognized by the site will have to enter an email address and password. Modern browsers allow users to decide whether or not to accept cookies, but refusal may make some objects unusable and some services may not work properly.


A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on a user’s computer. The cookie is a string of data in machine language (“basic language”). These are therefore small data streams that are stored on the User’s computer when accessing a site or parts of it. The cookie, more commonly referred to as “Web Cookie” or “Tracking Cookie” is a small text file sent by a Web server, which is the computer on which the visited Website is running, to the User’s browser. (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and stored on the hard disk (hard disk) of the User’s personal computer. It is an identity card against the Site that sends it and does not contain viruses. If you open the relative folder, you will see a list of small streams all of about 1k in size except for the slightly larger index file. They are all very small streams and should never create any problem in the User’s disk space. Being simple text streams they cannot transmit viruses and if we examine the names of cookies we can see that they always report references to the names of the sites that have been visited previously. The use of the information collected through cookies such as, for example, the connectivity server where the User is registered, the type of browser used, the click-throughs made by the User on any banners, is limited to customization and to the recognition of the satisfaction of the services available on the Site, also of an advertising nature. Cookies are often mistakenly considered to be real programs and this generates incorrect beliefs. In reality they are simple blocks of data, unable by themselves to perform any action on the computer. In particular, they cannot be spyware or viruses. Nevertheless, cookies from some sites are classified as spyware by many anti-spyware products because they make it possible to identify the User.

Because the Websites use cookies. Web pages have no memory. If you browse from one page to another within a Website, you will not be recognized as the same User on each of the pages. Cookies allow the Website to recognize a user’s browser, and are therefore mainly used to remember your choices, for example the language and currency you have set, and to recognize the User on your next visit. While browsing, information is recorded about the browser used by the customer, the click-throughs made in the various areas of interest, the most purchased products and a series of aspects related to the personalization and detection of the satisfaction of the services offered by the site visited. Not all cookies are the same. There are various types of cookies and different ways of using them. Cookies are distinguished according to the function performed, their duration and according to who inserted them in a Website. Types of Cookies. Technical cookies To offer Users an intuitive and advanced Website that automatically adapts to their needs and preferences, technical cookies are used. These are indispensable for the optimal functioning of the Sites and allow you to view the Website, make it work properly, create a personal account, log in and manage requests. Functional cookies We use functional cookies to remember your preferences and to help you use the Website effectively and efficiently, the searches and structures that are displayed now and previously. Functional cookies are not essential for the Website to function, but they add functionality and improve the overall experience. These two categories of cookies (technical and functional cookies) are the so-called temporary cookies. They are the “session cookies” and are released by the Site on the User’s computer during navigation, but are stored exclusively for the duration of the browsing session itself. This means that when the User closes his browser the cookies are automatically deleted and disappear, without being stored on the computer. They are formed by random numbers generated by the server and are used to allow a safe and efficient exploration of the Site.

Through the use of these cookies it is possible for us to facilitate the navigation of the User within the Site, for example by remembering the data provided by the User when filling in forms on the Site (so-called user input cookies), to recognize the User after who has logged in to the Site (so-called authentication cookie), to customize the interface of the Site based on the preferences indicated by the User, etc. These cookies do not require the acquisition of a prior and express consent of the User as they are strictly necessary to provide the service requested by the Site User. The other types of cookies are: Analytical cookies Analytical cookies are used to better understand how visitors use the Website, to understand what works or not, to optimize and improve the Site and to ensure that the Site is always interesting and relevant. The data obtained include the web pages visited, the exit and entry pages, the type of platform, information on date and time and data such as the number of clicks on a specific page, mouse movements, scrolling, search words and texts inserted during the use of the Site. Analytical cookies are also integrated for online advertising campaigns, to find out how Users interact with a Website, for example on-line sales, after viewing an advertisement also on Third-party websites. Commercial cookies Commercial cookies are used to show the advertisements of a site on other websites. This activity is called “retargeting” and varies according to the User’s actions on the Commercial Website, such as the destinations you are looking for, the structures that are displayed and the prices that have been shown. Cookies from social networks Some cookies may be registered when you visit the site, using the features of the social networks present on this. These cookies allow the User to let other people know both the content of the Site and its opinion on it. This is the case with the “Share” or “Like” options, such as the “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “LinkedIn”, “Viadeo”, etc. If you decide to use these options and more generally, if you decide to visit the Site, remaining connected to a social network, these cookies could communicate to the social networks in question the information concerning the User’s browsing on the Site. These information could be used for commercial or advertising purposes. The “web beacons”

In addition to using cookies, sometimes so-called “web beacons” are also used. A web beacon is a small graphic object composed of a single pixel that arrives on the User’s computer as part of a web page or via an email in HTML format. These pixels are used directly or through third party suppliers, on the website in question or on those of third parties. The purposes are different: to determine whether a User who displays an online advertisement, then decides to continue; keep track of the “conversion” of the partner Sites; analyze the online behavior of the Users, in order to optimize the services offered by the Website. This classification represents those cookies that are commonly called permanent cookies. Cookies are issued by the Site on the User’s computer during navigation, but are stored even beyond the duration of the browsing session itself, until they expire or until the User cancels it. The use of these cookies requires the User’s express and informed consent. The User, accessing the Home Page of the Site or other pages of the Site, by viewing the brief information banner relating to the cookies therein and by viewing both the extended information (Privacy Policy), the Website Policy and this Cookie Policy, provides, by continuing to browse on our site, your consent to the use of cookies. It is also considered a valid consent by the User to have configured his own Internet Browser (eg. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) in order to accept the use of cookies.

Furthermore, if the User registers on the Site and gives his specific consent to receive personalized offers based on his consumption habits, obtained also through the use of cookies, with the monitoring of his browsing on the Site, the data relating to navigation within the Site may be associated with your personal data, with the consequent identification and detection of consumption preferences in view of specific and targeted commercial and advertising initiatives. Use of the Bros. Site Cookies Cookies do not collect information directly identifying the User. In fact, Bros cannot trace through cookies to any directly identifiable personal information (eg name, surname) if not supplied directly by the User. The cookie allows the Site to identify the User’s personal computer, through the information stored therein, whenever the User reconnects to the Site through that personal computer. Furthermore, another Website may not use a cookie issued by the Bros Website to access other information contained on the User’s computer. Once saved on your computer, the cookie can only be read by the Website that created it. Bros does not sell or sell the User’s data collected through the use of cookies, unless it has previously informed the same through press releases or notices on the Site and requested express consent or for purposes imposed by the Law.

Bros uses the types of cookies presented in order to:     count the unique visitors of a web page or a service;     elaborate aggregate statistics also regarding the functioning of its sites and services;     collect data on traffic and the interaction of Users on the Website to identify trends and to estimate our audience;     improve the performance of your site by making your searches faster;     improve the User’s browsing experience by suggesting the best products and promotions based on navigation;     memorize information on Users’ preferences and therefore personalize the Website according to the specific interests of Users;     send personalized offers based on the User’s consumption habits, also thanks to the monitoring of his browsing on the Site;     record the User’s consumption preferences in view of specific and targeted commercial and advertising initiatives;     prevent the same advertising messages from being displayed repeatedly;     memorize the products selected and inserted previously in the User’s cart;     speed up searches;     recognize the computer when the User returns to use the Website again;     adapt the presentation of the Website to the display preferences of the User’s device (screen resolution, system used, etc.);     adopted security measures, for example when the User will connect again to a content or service after a certain period of time.

When the User views Bros online advertisements, one or more permanent cookies are placed on his device which recognize the device each time an advertising message is displayed. Since Bros manages advertisements both on its own Website and on those of its advertising partners, over time it has the possibility of collecting information on the type of pages, content and advertisements that the User or Users of a particular computer have visited or displayed. Bros is not responsible for cookies deriving from the Sites whose links appear on its Website, nor for those deriving from social networks. Cookie management. Entering any page of the Bros site, on the Home Page or on any other page to which you have targeted access from outside the Site, a clearly visible banner will appear, in which it is clearly indicated: 1) that the Site also uses profiling cookies to send targeted advertisements; 2) that the Site also allows the sending of “third-party” cookies, ie cookies installed by a different Site through the Site you are visiting; 3) a link to this wider Information (click here), with indications on the use of cookies sent by the Site, where it is possible to deny consent to their installation directly or by connecting to the various sites in the case of “third party” cookies ; 4) the indication that by continuing to browse (eg, by accessing another area of ​​the Website or by selecting an image or a link), consent is given for the use of cookies.

The User can set and manage his cookie preferences through his browser settings. The User can decide to configure his browser to accept all cookies, reject them or receive a warning when a cookie is sent to the browser. Each accepted cookie can be deleted later. As long as the User does not activate the cookie rejection function on his browser, the Bros system will send cookies when he connects to the Website. If the User wishes to block or delete the cookies received from the Website or any other Site, he can do so by changing the settings of the browser used as defined below. By not allowing the use of cookies all services are guaranteed, with the difference that the customer must necessarily enter an email address and password to be recognized by the Site. Modern browsers allow users to decide whether or not to accept cookies, but refusal may make some objects unusable and some services may not work properly. At the end of each browsing session, the User can delete the collected cookies from the hard disk of his device. If you want to delete the cookies installed in the browser’s cookie folder, remember that each browser has different procedures for managing the settings. By selecting the links below the User can obtain specific instructions for some of the main browsers:

Microsoft Windows Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

If the User does not want to receive Google Analytics cookies, he can do so by going to the page: If the User wants to learn more about Google Analytics cookies, he can visit If the User wants to learn more about cookies in general, he can visit

Below, as an example, the procedure to be implemented for any cookie removals with the Google Chrome browser:

1) Click on the Chrome menu in the browser tool bar;

2) Select “Settings”;

3) Click on “Show advanced settings”;

4) In the “Privacy” section, click on the “Content settings” button;

5) In the “Cookies” section, you can change the following cookie settings:

– “Store local data only until the browser is closed”;

– “Prevent sites from setting data”;

– “Block third-party cookies and site data”;

– Clicking on “All cookies and site data” opens the “Cookies and site data” dialog box:

– To delete all cookies, click on “Remove all” in the upper right part of the dialog box;

– To delete a specific cookie, place the mouse pointer over the site that generated the cookie, then click on the X displayed in the right corner.

Use of other websites.

Bros collaborates with carefully selected and controlled third parties, who may use cookies to improve the relevance of advertisements, both on the Site and on other Websites used by Bros to convey their advertising messages. Bros s.r.l. also uses third-party cookies (promotional or targeting cookies) to generally improve the user’s experience on their site. The cookies in question are managed by these companies.

You can always disable cookies on your browser by following the instructions provided above. Below is a description of the cookies used by Bros and that the User, in the manner specified above, has the option, according to his will, to store them or to deny their use.

Cookie Provenance – It is used to optimize navigation and offers for the user

CookiesOk  – Cookies for the acceptance of site Cookies rules bv_aff_camp_segm Technician – Cookie for user order and traffic control

bv_aff_idproven Technician – Cookie for navigation control and user order

bv_customer Technical – Cookie for navigation control and user order

contact Technical – Cookie for user access in your private area first_login Technician – This cookie is used to display different input layers l

Layer_Technical control – This cookie is used to display different input layers

visto_layer_LOG Technician – This cookie is used to display different input layers

utmz GoogleAnalytics – This cookie keeps track of traffic and exploration origins

utma GoogleAnalytics – This cookie uniquely identifies visitors ga GoogleAnalytics – This cookie uniquely identifies visitors session

Session – Web session cookies

hjClosedSurveyInvites Hotjar – Third Parties

hjDonePolls Hotjar – Third Party

hjMinimizedPolls Hotjar – Third Party

hjDoneTestersWidgets Hotjar – Third Party hjMinimizedTestersWidgets Hotjar – Third Party hjIncludedInSample Hotjar – Third Parties hjShownFeedbackMessage Hotjar – Third Parties