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Blood, emotional compendium

Speak about blood means for us speak about our endemic, speak about what gives us life and what takes away our sleep during the night.
Means reflecting about our journey that we keep doing every day searching the essence of the gastronomic culture of Salento, to get in touch with blood elements … in other words the elements that built this taste and our country.
Means a journey on the present and the past from which we have taken our archetypes of blood.
The very first one is the heartbeat that makes the blood make its circulation in our body and in the body of animals, heartbeat that was produced in the first percussion instruments as in the tambourines of “pizzica”.
The second heartbeat is that one that grows with the child through his mother.
Third one is the blood of Jesus, chosen by us to present the religion of our grandmothers…
The other blood is that one that versed the path of the story of Salento because of invasions, Turchi and Aragonese over everyone, testified with the genetic predisposition of species in nowadays indigenous.
The horse on the video, in fact, is a Murfreesboro descendant of Andalusian, known for its strength but mostly for its elegance.
The blood is even the essence of things, their hearts, animals and vegetable ones.
The blood is even our land, red as the artery that brings oxygen to our thoughts.
But, blood also means brotherhood, an eternal part , that’s why here is used the saying “lu Sangu nu se face mai acqua ” (the blood never becomes water) that means that once you create a relationship with somebody this relation cannot be broken and it will last forever independently of the life that the two of them may have or if they are near or miles apart.

And is this what we mostly believe, who comes near Bros makes relations that may get interrupted but never annulled.
That’s why in the video there are uncle Pippi and aunt Cesarina, the Murgese horse of uncle Antonio as well as Floriano, Isa and Giovani.
The location is always the province of Lecce.

In the video, we enjoyed having this journey playing with the contrast between the blood and the water in our own rhythm, with which we live every day, the rhythm Bros .

Video presented at Tasty’s identity event, Milano, March 5th 2017


Luigi Partipilo