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Tomato, LSDM​ 2017

Tomato, metaproject that has brought at kakigori’s project pennsarolas’ tomatoes.

“This video synthesizes the cultural and gastronomic research that has brought the chefs to realize a plate based on tomato juice of winter salentino. The tomato is one of the most fascinating products of the history of the humanity. In unstable balance among the various continents he has been introduced in Europe with a color gold that has given him the name to be modified in the actual red coloration in southern Italy.In Salento the tomatoes of “pennarola”, cultivated in the summer and used during the year mantain a yellow-gold coloration that likes us to think both an obstinate genetic maintenance of the tomato just joint in Europe and not contaminated by the job of the man. The tomato of “pennarola” it would owe
The pennarola’s tomato contain an importat message about we coud be reflected respect of at environmental impact on a fresh tomatoes that are every day in our refrigerator.
The tomato, has had then an interesting double life: luxury product in the French courts and an humble food in southern Italy, that has developed then the maintenance in jar that has brought to the juice. In France, additionally, the tomato is dyed of love, it was given in fact to the beloved one as symbol of kind love.
Pop icon in the sixties, with Andy Warhol and the Campbell Soup, it has become sign of Italian culture that the colour our flag is called red tomato.
But for us tomato means above all to sit with our grandfather in the sunny mornings of July and to prepare the pennaroles that the winter would have seasoned our friselle in the evenings next to the chimney.
From this inspiration the idea was born to unite the ice, that recalls the summer nevieres to the tomatoes in winter, to create one slushie, that can tell the story of famer in a solar year .
This video is created with our style, with a mix of bitterly pop and irony based on the conviction that in life professionalism always owes to be accompanied by auto irony. And us salentini we are enough good in this.”

Video introduced to LSDM.

Luigi Partipilo