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Autumn Menu 2017


The first step of our growth as Bros’ it has been choise the ingredients which are archetypes of Salento’s culture.
Now we open a new phase, focus on the taste, that contain the cultural and aesthetical way of eating Salentino.

We spasmodically try to understand the essential declination of the ingredients according to the gustatory models of our culture that assemble him in 4 principal families of tastes: acid, brackish, bitter, rancid.
The acid of the citrus fruits talks of distant conquerors that have occupied with the blood our earth, the brackish taste of our liquamen tells the essence of the Salento, suspended among the waters that surround it and those that cross it under earth, a bitter flavour of our oil of rucola it tells the sweat on the skink of the farmers, and the rancid taste of the” ricotta scante ” speaks of faraway places from the man and maybe of God!
This Salentina’s gastronomic identity, it’s never been sufficiently reported, analyzed and studied for emerging as gustatory character of a people, as instead it has happened for other Italian territories or foreigners.
From here let’s start the autumn menu 2017.

Floriano Pellegrino

Art Direction Luigi Partipilo
Cinematographer Dalila Miggiano